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Marduk / Immolation / Origin / Bio-Cancer – G2, Glasgow (10th May 2016)

James Aidan

[Words by James]

Now this lineup is something that was not to be missed. Immolation playing Glasgow for the first time in 9 years, Origin playing Glasgow for the first time and Bio-Cancer playing in Scotland for the first time! I’m quite a big fan of both Origin and Immolation so to see them both for the first time on the same bill was something I would not miss!

Bio-Cancer 2016


Unfortunately, due to an interview running late, we missed the first half of Bio-Cancer’s set. However, what we saw we were impressed with. Having a ‘balls to the walls’ no nonsense thrash metal style made for an interesting listen and we’re sure they gained some fans that night as we observed quite a number of folk coming up to their merch stand and shaking hands with them. (7/10)

Origin 2016


Next up on stage were technical death metallers, Origin. Having spoken with the vocalist, Jason, before the show he mentioned that they sadly wouldn’t be bringing out the pillows tonight. However, he did say that they would be playing a varied set. With myself (James) being a big fan of the band for number of years, to see them finally play live was a dream come true… And boy, did they not disappoint. The songs just kept coming and coming with the only real breaks being when Jason asked for the crowd to come forward and get a bit more lively. This was quickly remedied and the crowd gradually got more and more into them as their set progressed further. My only complaint was that they didn’t play long enough! Playing a set compromised of classics such as “The Aftermath” along with more modern songs such as “Thrall: Fulcrum: Apex”, the band delivered a phenomenal set and let the bar set very high for the other acts to follow. (10/10)

Immolation 2016


It was then time from the boys from Yonkers to set about bringing their unique brand of death metal to the crowds of Glasgow. With it being 9 years since they had last played here and also many crowd members first time seeing them, the atmosphere in the room was one of anticipation and sheer excitement. Coming onto the ending song from Kingdom of Conspiracy, “All that Awaits Us” the band immediately set the place on fire with the crowd giving a thunderous roar and setting about doing what they do best. Having a right good mosh!

Before the show, we’d spoke to Ross and he mentioned that the setlist was going to be compromised of both fan favourites and also some songs from the newer albums. Sadly, their was going to be no new songs from their as yet untitled upcoming album but that didn’t stop them from advertising it. This was of course met with a huge cheer from the rapidly growing crowd. As was pretty much everything Ross said. This is a testament as to how much people love this band, I couldn’t find a single person after the show who said that they were crap. Everyone I spoke to said they were outstanding. If that’s not high praise, they I don’t know what is… (11/10)

Marduk 2016


After the usual break/changeover, it was time for the final band on this rather varied bill. Coming on stage to the title track from their latest album, Frontschwein,  the band was greeted by a slightly less enthusiastic cheer from the crowd. Whether this was because some people had left I’m not sure, but the whole atmosphere felt different. It was unfortunately at this point we learned that we had to leave after the third song due to logistical complications. This unfortunately meant that we missed the majority of Marduk’s set. However, what we did see was good although it did not really cater to my (James’s) tastes. This is no indication of the band being sub-par, it’s just that I’m exceptionally picky with the Black Metal that I do listen to. (8/10)

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