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Venomous Concept / Corrupt Moral Altar / Tommy Concrete & The Werewolves – Bannerman’s, Edinburgh (Jan 13 2016)

T.C. & the W's

T.C. & the W’s

GaryStarting off tonight’s proceedings are local band Tommy Concrete & the Werewolves who we have covered before and are always great live. The boys have a tight stage tonight due to Venomous Concept’s set-up, with George the bass player having only a few feet to play in.

First up from them is an old one from 2006’s Banished From the Mage’s Guild album, “Beyond the Secret Island”. With its Sabbath-esque doom-ridden opening riffs it’s a great opening track and quickly followed by “Fucked by Werewolves” from 2014’s This Can’t Get any Worse – a great full ahead metal romp. The band launch into another from the same album in the form of “Werewolf Justice” in which George’s bass playing has to be seen and watched along with Tommy’s intense guitar-playing, with Michael laying waste to the drums at the rear.

There follows another three from said album “Consumed by Burrowing Mites”, “Lesbian Sexual Predator” and lastly, one of my favourite tracks, “Time of the Lunatics”. If ever a song was written to headbang along with, this is the one.

We finish off a short but intense set due to late start with newish track “Bowler Hat Cunt” which is surely destined to be a classic. A great band live and always fun to watch, they would be a great addition to the likes of the Wildfire Festival where they would fit in perfectly with the current bill.

Tommy Concrete & The Werewolves set list:

  • Beyond The Secret Island
  • Fucked By Werewolves
  • Werewolf Justice
  • Consumed By Burrowing Mites
  • Lesbian Sexual Predator
  • Time Of The Lunatics
  • Bowler Hat Cunt
Corrupt Moral Altar

Corrupt Moral Altar

Up next are a band I had not heard before tonight, Corrupt Moral Altar. They supported Venomous Concept on the UK leg of their tour. If you check out YouTube, their whole set from tonight is up there and it’s well worth watching.

The band kick off with “Father Tongue” from 2014’s Mechanical Tides with Tom on drums killing it and the guttural vocals of Chris leading this intense track on a headlong charge of metal mayhem before ploughing through “Whiskey Sierra” & “Lord” an intense highlight from their set.

The band head back to Mechanical Tides with “Die Glocke” which on the album has a guest appearance of Jeff Walker from Carcass no less. Heading into the riff-laden “Widow’s Son”, then next up the brutal “Birth Death Survival”. This in turn quickly followed by the guttural assault that is “Line Check”  & “Wire Mother”.

This is an intense set which ends with “Politics is a Bargain Between Beggars”, “Power Whore” & “You Don’t Have to go to Clown College”. This is a band worth catching if you like your metal  intense, fast and guttural.

Corrupt Moral Altar set list:

  • Father Tongue
  • Whiskey Sierra
  • Lord
  • Die glocke
  • Widow’s son
  • Birth Death Survival
  • Line Check
  • Wire Mother
  • Politics is a Bargain Between Beggars
  • Power Whore
  • You Don’t Have to go to Clown College
Venomous Concept

Venomous Concept

The main event now, and you know it is going to be good with members of Brutal Truth, Napalm Death & Corrupt Moral Altar making up the Grind/Metal supergroup band that is Venomous Concept.

The band have a great new album out (Kick Me Silly (Cviii)) which gets a good airing tonight. We kick off proceedings with three from 2008’s Poisoned Apple. Starting with “Half Full?”, the intense full on “Drop Dead” and “Water Cooler” with Kevin Sharp from Brutal Truth in fine form like a demented looney bouncing about in bare feet.

The first track from the new album is up next in the form of “Rise”, quickly followed by “Anthem” – a highlight track for me. Then we’re straight into the guttural intensity of “Potters Ground”. A doom ridden intro leads us into “Farm Boy”.

If you like your metal full on then this is the band for you. The mental 30 second “Busy with your Debt” is killer followed by “Leper Dog” with the moshers going for it behind me. “Pretend” follows with the crowd still going at it. The screaming intensity that is “Human Waste” is up next quickly followed by “Head on a Stick” with the 11 seconds of insanity “Johnny wants a Cheeseburger” following.

We head into “Forever War” followed by “Think?”, “Toxic Kiss”, “Workers of the World Unite” and “Life” from Poisoned Apple and it does make you think how they keep going at this pace. We end the show tonight with a bunch from 2004’s Retroactive Abortion,  starting with first track  “Weirdo” followed by the Sepultura flavoured “Rhetoric”, which itself is followed at speed by “Oink!”.

The set ender is perfectly titled “Life’s Fine” and it sure is tonight. It would be hard to go wrong with tonight’s line up with a big shout going to John Cooke who handled guitar duties in Corrupt Moral Altar & Venomous Concept and a fine job he did with Mitch Harris (Napalm Death) picking up the other guitar duties. The barefoot pixie dust nutter Kevin Sharp (Brutal Truth) on vocals with his band mate Dan Lilker on bass with the fantastic Danny Herrera (Napalm Death again!) on drums.

This was a intense full on night from all the bands here at Bannermans but Venomous Concept ruled the night with a fantastic display of pure grind/metal. You would expect nothing less given the pedigree of this band’s members. I would end this review by saying if you get the chance to see them live do not pass it up – and check out new album Kick Me Silly.

Venomous Concept set list:

  • Half full?
  • Drop dead
  • Water cooler
  • Rise
  • Anthem
  • Potters ground
  • Farm boy
  • Busy with your debt
  • Leper dog
  • Pretend
  • Human waste
  • Head on a stick
  • Johnny wants a Cheeseburger
  • Forever war
  • Think
  • Toxic kiss
  • Workers of the World Unite
  • Life
  • Weirdo
  • Rhetoric
  • Oink
  • Life’s Fine

Review and all photos by Gary Cooper, including these extra ones on Flickr: Venomous Concept / Corrupt Moral Altar / Tommy Concrete & The Werewolves

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