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Anaal Nathrakh/Man Must Die/Scordatura/Exile The Traitor- Audio Glasgow (15/04/15)


Once again, I find myself at Audio. It’s establishing itself as one of the best venues in Glasgow, in terms of gig offerings and the general layout. Since I last visited, the venue has undergone a overhaul of the Toilets, gained a new selection of drinks and installed a few new things for the PA. The friendliness of the staff and the whole vibe haven’t changed a bit though.

Exile the Traitor (15:04:15)First up on the stage were Exile the Traitor. With this being the third time I’ve seen them, I know what to expect when watching them. Fast crushing riffs, joint high and low harsh vocals and thundering drums and Bass. Sporting a set composed of material from both their previous and new EP, they delivered a good set and suitably warmed up the crowd. I highly recommend that folk check them out if you’ve not heard of them, and go to their EP launch gig on the 15th of May. Details on this are here.

Scordatura (15:04:15)Next up were another Local band, Scordatura. This was the first time they’d played home turf in over 8 months and it puzzles me as to why they don’t play more shows. I was most confused then they started without a bassist on stage. The music did work, but at points it was noticeable that there was no low end to hold it all together. Having said this, the band delivered a great set with the singer commanding the stage and the drummer pulling quite a few funny faces every now and again during songs.

Man Must Die (15:04:15)Next up was yet another local band, Man Must Die. Someone must have wanted to show off the local scene that night. However, Man Must Die are a little more well known than the previous two, having 4 albums to their name and are signed to Relapse records (If my sources are correct). It’s safe to say that their experience showed, delivering a superb set with the frontman commanding the stage and getting the crowd suitably fired up. The frontman reminded me of Barney from Napalm Death in the way in which he commanded the stage and sang. I can see this guys going a long way in the near future.

Anaal Nathrakh (15:4:15)Onto the Headliners, Anaal Nathrakh. Prior to this gig, I had the opportunity to chat to Dave the vocalist, once we found an appropriate place to do it… Their line check took longer than normal, mainly due to the sound engineer deciding to listen to the hi-tom for around 2 minutes. As a result, most of the crowd looked around and each-other and started grumbling. Once this was done however, they set about smashing their brand of extreme metal at everyone. Playing a rather varied set, with a few songs from their most recent album Desideratum, they delivered a stellar performance. It’s worth noting that whilst the crowd were relatively calm for the other bands, they went mental for Anaal. Crowdsurfers, circle pits, mosh pits they were all there. Safe to say that Dave did a good job in getting the crowd suitably fired up.

Anaal Nathrakh Setlist Audio, Glasgow, Scotland 2015

In short, this was suitably awesome night with some really great bands playing. I look forward to seeing all of them play Glasgow sometime soon.

Exile the Traitor: facebook | twitter | bigcartel | bandcamp | reverbnation |

Scordatura: facebook | bigcartel | bandcamp | youtube

Man Must Die: facebook | twitter myspace | bandcampreverbnation | youtube

Anaal Nathrakh: official | facebook | twitter | myspace | | youtube

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