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Review: Ayron Jones – Audio Paint Job

The City of Seattle is synonymous with guitar music. A movement in the early 90s created a sound many connected with. The genre grunge was created. Some still use it, some don’t, depending on the era you listened to.

The home of Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Mother Love Bone, Sub Pop and the place where Bruce Lee lived and studied, Seattle. A sound erupted and within a few years began to disappear or change. An abundance of fledgling musicians wanting to recapture the experience their predecessors achieved and as we all know, change is inevitable.

Visiting Seattle is an emotional connection to an era and the start of a new one as locals talk about one man called Ayron Jones.

Four years since debut record Dream was released which doesn’t mean they’ve been sitting on their laurels, it means growing via touring…not in the UK, I might add, but I’ll get over that. Audio Paint Job brings the guys back to the airwaves. The second album is produced by Screaming Trees/Mad Season legend Barrett Martin – another connection right there.

This famed second album opens with “Take Me Away” and “Emily” two guitar riffing tracks as expected from Ayron Jones, showing passion for the Seattle sound and guitar icon Jimi Hendrix. Bob Lovelace on bass allows “Emily” to be exceptional as a beat enthrals Ayron’s guitar and stand-out vocals.

“Mr Jones/Rockstar” moves from a full-on explosion of blues riffs to a turntable adding to the beats provided. It has an emotional vocal track where Ayron lyrically proves he can vocally battle with the best out here. “Boys from the Puget Sound” is a live anthem with lyrics “I already called the fuckin’ police / Blow out all your fuckin’ windows, here come the boys from Puget sound”. Blues riffs and Ehssan Karimi’s drumming will get a live crowd to feel every chord, beat and word that comes from these guys.

The album goes from explosion to calmness, with the emotive scenario of “Play Me A song” the gentle chords accompanied by the vocals “Play me a song young blues man”. “Take Your Time”, a stand-out for me, the brilliant riffs pull on strings belonging to the toughest of us emotionally-stunted people… it’s left me breathless. The vocals, the bass, the guitar solo all has effortless energy.

“Stand Up” comes with an aggressive riff, a chant of “Take Your Power Back”. It’s a milder version of Rage Against the Machine. We go all heavy and riffin’ with “Lay Your Body Down” moving onto a pop feel with “Be There with You” which has a touch of “Coffee and TV” by Blur.

Ayron Jones shows on “Yesterday” his diversity with vocals. Their powerful, sentimental prowess proves you cannot teach emotion. Used in the right way it allows the band to perform songs of realism, and Ayron Jones does this with music.

From the the first moment of hearing “Baptized in Muddy Waters” on their debut record, Dream, Ayron Jones and the Way become the band the world needs to hear. Dream is a more raw sound; Audio Paint Job is more eclectic. Keep your eyes out for these guys who have recently supported Guns N’ Roses on sections of their North American tour.

One of the worst kept secrets Seattle has that they cannot keep to themselves any longer. Audio Paint Job is a move forward for Ayron Jones. It’s a pleasure to follow and watch their growth on this journey.

Ayron Jones: officialtwitter | instagramvevo

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