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Review: Disorder (SV) – Fuego Negro

They may share a name with a legendary punk band from Bristol, but El Salvador’s Disorder are a very different kettle of death/thrash fish. Perhaps they have one common link – they’re both very angry at something. Or lots of things.

Our Latin American Disorder released Fuego Negro (“Black Fire”) in April, limited to 666 copies on CD, and it’s a devastating piece of no-frills death metal which rips through the speakers at a blistering pace. There’s nothing technical or melodic about it. It’s a wall of shredding, visceral noise designed with one purpose – destruction.

The titles and lyrics are in Spanish, but with translations such as “Scavengers of Justice” and “Under the Yoke of Ignorance” you can get the feel of the anti-authoritarian direction the band have taken. The music is wonderfully primitive. Simplistic in execution, it belts along with basic thrashy riffs and throaty death growl vocals. I love this – it’s not trying too hard to be anything it isn’t. Fuego Negro is pure, raw El Salvadorian thrash metal.

Production is good, too. The guitars are crisp and clean, the drums pound and the cymbals crash. Even the bassline throbs nicely throughout with the mix being superb. With such an overwhelming onslaught of audio, it’s almost expected for lower-budget releases to end up a bit “mushy” in places, but that couldn’t be further from the case here. Even more impressive is that the music side of things is the output of only two people.

If you’re looking for something noisy to work out kinks in your neck to then look no further – we’ve found it for you. You can grab the album via Symbol of Domination’s bandcamp page.

Disorder (SV): facebook

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