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Review: Autisti – Autisti

Brainchild of Louis Jucker (vocals, guitar) and Emilie Zoé (vocals, guitar, keys) along with drummer Steven Doutaz, Swiss rockers Autisti bring you their self titled debut LP. Set for release on 14th April 2017 via Hummus Records, Autisti is just one of Louis’ many genre-breaking projects which include his own lo-fi folk solo work, noise hardcore band Coilguns and his bass-driven Red Kunz (featuring two members of Red Fang). Autisti also sits within Louis’ L’Altro Mondo booklet consisting of two hours, forty songs and five LPs in a handmade deluxe book. This LP, however, is his first collaboration with Emilie, more known for her work as a folk artist.

With influences cited as The Pixies and Dinosaur Jr, I was excited to hear what sound this bass deficient three piece had to offer. An overall grunge feeling to the LP, it ebbs and flows between psychedelic soundscapes battered by cacophonous riffs and good old rock and roll. No gimmicks or egos here, the production exposes every layer of sound, giving it an impure, raw edge; as if you’re sat right outside the practice room.

Opener “The Dower” commences with an almost ‘tuning up’ session before launching into full-on drums and rock and roll riffs. Louis and Emilie complement each other vocally, with sublime harmonies to this catchy track that had my feet tapping and head nodding approvingly on the first play. This LP’s already grabbed my attention.

“Peaches for Planes” comes in a little faster paced and guitars are heavier, with drum fills denser lending to a garage sound that is not left wanting for bass. It ends with an eerie distorted sound wave, which melts consummately into track three, “No Anchor”. Darker than previous tracks the dramatic influence of the keyboard gives a real ambience of The Doors to their sound. “Curb” is an atmospheric acoustic track, this time allowing Emilie’s haunting vocals to prevail.

“L’Altro Mondo” cuts above the rest of the tracks for me. Beginning with grungy riffs and galloping drum beats, the song builds into a crescendo of vocalistic wails that dissolve into screeching guitar intonations and psychedelic noise. It fades out with vocal hums and drones allowing you to absorb and contemplate the creativeness of sound you’ve just been exposed to.

Like a slap around the face, punk rock number “You Felons!” brings you smack bang in the middle of the room. A full on rock and roll track that screams The Rolling Stones, has you up on your feet – you cannot sit still to this belter of a track. Distorted guitar solos and militant drums put paid to that. Punchy vocals give it that punk edge, making it another stand out track for me.

A stripped back, vulnerable performance comes in the form of “Trundle Beds” the keyboards again giving it that psychedelic, trippy sound, with subtle gong waves enveloping the sound. This track embraces you with Louis’ and Emilie’s combination of beautiful vocal harmonies, demonstrating their diversity and depth of sound.

Final track “Down to the Minimum” is another top number for me. With very few vocals, this track allows the band to thrash the very life and soul out of their instruments. You can’t but help visualise this track live. It’s an absolute set finisher where you can only imagine the stage literally being ripped apart, instruments battered, left dumped on stage oozing their last drone of sound with the amps shrieking feedback in disdain at the carnage they have just witnessed.

This grunge fuelled LP has everything for me, I love it more and more with every listen and it has me hungry for a live show. Hurry over to the UK, Autisti!

Louis Jucker: official | bandcamp

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