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Review: Sybernetyks – Dream Machine

Industrial rock has always held a place in my heart from a young age as I was brought up listening to the likes of Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson.  French rockers Sybernetyks have gained themselves a top spot on my everyday playlist and I must say that I am so frustrated I didn’t discover them sooner.  If you want to enter a time machine and witness some beautifully futuristic-like music, then look no further than Dream Machine.

Listeners are transported into another world when they tune in.  The whole futuristic/galaxy vibrations you get from listening are beyond fun and I feel that this is a wonderful idea to experiment with, so fair play to them.

There is not one song off Dream Machine that isn’t enjoyable.  Each song has soft yet raspy vocals which capture the tracks perfectly.  The bass, guitars and electronics all blend together incredibly well.  I have listened to a fair amount of industrial music, and some bands can end up sounding very similar in this genre, but I feel Sybernetyks really do have something different.

The vocals set them apart from anyone, Paul Darbot has an exceptional voice that I would never get tired of listening to.  You can really feel the raw emotion when he sings which is simply beautiful.  You can particularly hear this in “Genesis” which happens to be my favourite track on the album, alongside “DNA” which was another highlight for me.

The album is very easy to listen to – it has soft, clean vocals and instruments which aren’t too heavy.  It is the perfect medium between rock and metal and that’s what I like.  I often find myself listening to it when I’m working because it helps me to fully concentrate and get in the zone.  This album has a lot going for it.

Overall, this album ranks high for me.  After listening to and researching Sybernetyks more, I really am drawn into their approach to industrial rock.  They have such an engaging style where I can’t stop myself from listening because I’m enjoying it too much.  As a huge Nine Inch Nails fan, it’s comparable to them and you’ll be guaranteed to love Dream Machine as much as I did.

Dream Machine is out now.

Sybernetyks: official | facebook | twitter | bandcamp | youtubebigcartel

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