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Review: Evilgroove – Cosmosis


In 2016 a band entered the Saint Louis Studio (Monteveglio, Bologna, Italy) to create their first full-length record, Cosmosis, mixed and mastered by Paso at Studio 73 (Ravenna, Italy). Welcome to Bologna’s very own Evilgroove.

EvilgrooveIn 1997 these guys began with the name of Sunburn. In 2005 they decided on a name change. They became Evilgroove, featuring Luca “Fraz” Frazzoni (vocals), Daniele “Doc” Medici (guitar), Matteo “Matte” Frazzoni (bass), and Christian “Sepo” Rovatti who recently joined on drums. And here they are here with Cosmosis.

Their love of icons such as Alice in Chains, Pantera, Tool and Soundgarden (to name just a few) is recognized in their past catalogue of compilations. This Love: A Tribute to Dimebag, and Layne Staley Italian Tribute for instance. Such inspiring teachers gets the inquiring mind wondering if Cosmosis shows respect to their own skills. But their obvious love of these bands is appetite-whetting. Will Evilgroove’s debut be an appetite for destruction… or a failed soufflé?

The record opens with “Turn Your Head”. The biggest aspect is Luca Frazzoni’s vocal style which is up there in terms of force with Layne Staley. A great vocalist to look up to but not always achieved. “Lucusta” softly, softly takes over, as Matteo Frazzoni on bass moves the track to a different dimension from the opener.

“Space Totum”‘s energy embraces speed. The energy of these guys makes arms flay like music is meant to do. Good job. Stoner/grunge with a touch of prog dances around the record like an Englishman circling a maypole.  The legends mentioned earlier show themselves in these tracks. Daniele Medici on guitar in “Voodoo Dawn” ramps things up to 11 on the speedometer. If the speedometer was made by Spinal Tap.

The dueling of Daniele Medici’s riffs and Christian Rovatti’s beats on drums is an enjoyable aspect to this record. I must also highlight Luca Frazzoni, who does a grand job on vocals. When someone has a unique style like Layne Stayley has (or had), being an Alice in Chains fan makes it difficult to hear someone pursue their style like his. Cosmosis is a nice throwback record, to the days when Seattle ruled the world and Tool scared the hell out of people.

I’m looking forward to seeing Evilgroove evolve and make their mark in their own way.

Cosmosis is out now.

Evilgroove: facebook | twitter | soundcloud | bandcamp

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