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Review: Ritual King – Elexir

Ritual King were kind enough to tell us what the songs on their forthcoming release, Elexir, are about. In return, I think it’s fair for us to describe the music. A good job it’s such an enjoyable release that I’m really happy to do so.

ritual-king-elexirThe band are pushing the track “Unorthodox Satisfaction” as their lead single (scroll down for a listen), but it’s opener “Devil’s Chokehold” which grabbed me by the neck and wouldn’t let go. With Southern rock licks apparent from the beginning, this up-tempo number literally had my head bobbing by first chorus. The air drums were dragged out of the cupboard and rapidly assembled before the second by which time its veered more into a country/groove rock kind of style. The only downside is that (on the press release anyway) it’s a “radio edit” version with the swearies dubbed out.

“Unorthodox Satisfaction” isn’t a bad choice of lead single by any stretch – I just think that “Devil’s” is better. It’s a tight race, mind… and after multiple listens I’d actually be hard pushed to criticise any of the five tracks being put forward as a single. “Unorthodox Satisfaction” is a little poppy in places – no bad thing, but the heavier tone of “Devil’s” sells it to me.

The other three tracks are equally as good. “ISD” has a funkier beat and if the band plonked a slap bass into the band for this one track, it wouldn’t appear out of place here. “Detachment”‘s heavy opening rings a few “War Pigs” bells before throwing a Queen-esque lead at us and then letting the bass take over for the first verse. Simple layers that build and complement each other well. Oh, and swear-words which adds further mystery to the inclusion of two “radio edits” on the collection.

You’d perhaps expect the band to round out this collection with a ballad, just to show their willingness to appeal to all sectors… but, no. We get another solid rocker, which is nothing to complain about. Especially when it’s as good as toe-tapper “Too Fast” which gets to flex its muscles proper around the halfway point.

Given that this is only the second EP from this band, I have high hopes for them. Elexir is a superb collection, with the only issues being radio-friendliness and the lack of another five songs to make it a full album.

Elexir will drop on December 2nd.

Ritual King: officialfacebook | twitter | bandcamp

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