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Review: Destinova – The Nameless Goat

When did it stop being popular for bands to play hard, sludgey rock music? It seemed to vanish for a majority of bands after the 90’s, which left a hole where a once prominent musical genre used to proudly dominate the charts.

destinova-the-nameless-goatNo one seemed to tell Destinova that grunge had died however, and their new album, The Nameless Goat is testament to this. The relatively young group play music which would be at home in the middle of the 1990’s alongside Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains. The Nameless Goat packs a punch with it’s heavy and hard sound, providing great rock riffs that have been missing within rock music for far too long. Tracks like “Nothing To Lose” display this perfectly, with guitarists Tim and Stevo playing riffs which you can’t help but nod your head along to.

Don’t be fooled into believing that Destinova are stuck in the past, though, and are merely imitate bands of the 90’s. Modern elements are brought into their music too, with singer Tim screaming out lyrics demanding you listen to him. This is particularly true in “Dog”, where he brings in the modern rock band technique of screaming, with some barks and howls thrown in for good measure.

The Nameless Goat brings together all of the elements of 90’s grunge-y rock while incorporating new styles that set them apart from other rock bands, proving that they are a cut above the rest. The intense and melodic guitar solos on tracks such as “Wake Up””and countered by the quiet acoustic sounds of “The King Around”. Then again, “Road To Hell” is exactly as heavy as it should be with a title like that, as is the short-but-sweet “Stone” (which comes in at a tasty 15 seconds long).

If you love grunge (and who doesn’t), then you need to listen to The Nameless Goat. You won’t regret it. You can even listen to some of their tracks for free on their bandcamp, so now you have no excuse to not give them a chance.

The Nameless Goat is out now.

Destinova: official | facebook | twitter | google + | bandcamp | youtube


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