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Review: Joe Robazza – Stellarly

Taking this EP for review was quite a stumble into the unknown when the only real description given is “Philosophical Rock”. That could be anything! It’s reassuring when the first track puts it foot through the door with a big ol’ slab of that much loved metal. Throughout the EP there are ample eastern influences to go with some bold musical statements, let us begin.

joe-robazza-stellarlyKicking off with the dark, sinister “Perfect Evolution”, this is the song that represents this record after a fair few listens and a cracking opener although like the EP itself it is over all too soon. Next is the title track; “Stellarly” with a greater electronic influence than the previous track which is vaguely reminiscent of Gary Numan with a twist… that twist of course being the presence of a Sitar which is a valuable addition to an already good listen. For the larger part of this song when it is not basking in sitar-ish mystique or exploring towering synth parts it is a dreamy, vast and fittingly spacious piece of music which reflects its astrological theme.

“And Believe” brings out another new and potentially off putting instrument; the turntable, which divides many metal fans and like the sitar it is incorporated wisely. This is a track with very contrasting parts, from the dissonant, groaning guitar tones to the concisely hard-hitting chorus which no headbanger, true to the art could refuse. The only real fault here is the outro with what sounds like sleigh bells and the turntable gradually fading out together… that just doesn’t sound right but it is a small fault. Finally there’s “Cold Disaster”. This is a good song in its own right however it is noticeably lacking the same hooks that are such an attraction with the other songs and ultimately it fails to leave the same impression as the others, that being said they are difficult sings to stand up next to. Cold Disaster is non the less, the obvious album closer here and another smart decision with the piano outro fading into the wind it leaves a good feeling and draws Stellarly‘s theme to a fitting and satisfying close.

Overall, it is obvious that this debut shows great potential with some skilled songwriting and structuring. Robazza has now got the ability to build this little niche into something much bigger by developing his own flair accompanied with the Numan- and sometimes even Linkin Park-laced dynamic. This is a good listen and a bugger of an earworm!

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