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Review: The Bad Flowers – The Bad Flowers

the-bad-flowers-the-bad-flowersYet another rising British band playing straight-up rock music are The Bad Flowers. They’re good enough to have found themselves opening for Scorpion Child in late October  / early November and if their CV consisted of this EP then I’m not bloody surprised.

With a sound very reminiscent of the rock bands of the late 70’s, the opening chords of “Can You Feel It” chug along in the kind of fashion that most songs leave until they’re well underway. No messing about for this bunch. Grab the listener, run with it and don’t let go.

“City Lights” goes for a far bluesier approach with some great and ridiculously heavy down-tuned notes opening things. We’re into stoner territory here (hell, any closer to H-flat and we’d be into doom or sludge, frankly), but the catchy chorus livens things up. This is a song that will destroy necks when it’s played live, though. Scroll down to listen to it or buy it [amazon text=on Amazon&asin=B01JB24VKW].

The tempo and tone are cranked up again for “Big Country”, a driving song which doesn’t perhaps have the breakneck pace of “Jesus Built My Hotrod” but should result in fewer dangerous driving charges as a result. This is a tune you could proudly be blasting as you zoom along with the window rolled down through the backwaters of Colorado. Or Daventry. Wherever.

All too soon we hit the final of the four tracks, “Run, Run, Run”. Again, we’ve gone slow and heavy and into head-nodding territory. As soon as you hear the mournful “I had a woman…” you know the blues will be a big factor… and then the chorus catches you by surprise by being that bit faster.

This is a great introduction to a band who simply have to do well, purely so that someone gives them the chance to run off a full album of this quality.

The Bad Flowers is out on November 4th.

The Bad Flowers: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube

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