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Review: Love|Less – Act 1: Heaven (including just-released video)

LoveLess logoLondon-based Love|Less seem to be creating a bit of a stir with their post-rock infused alternative sound. Following on from an acoustic release which you can grab for free on Soundcloud, the band are putting out a four-track EP on September 9th entitled Act 1: Heaven.

Opener “Omen” is a very short track, more of an intro than a song in its own right. It does bring to mind early Linkin Park with perhaps more of a MCR tinge to the vocals (such as they are). The first track proper, the titular “Heaven”, continues in this vein. Digitally altered vocals will be familiar to fans of LP, but the sound is otherwise less electronic and the pace more plodding and downbeat. The chorus is still a good bit of singalong and the backing vocals have a bit of the “ooh-ooh-ooh” about them to add a cushion to the emo-like attitude.

Gary Numan wouldn’t be upset if he’d written the intro to “Downpours” with the initial vocals riffing on his atonal delivery. Again, this isn’t the most cheerful sounding of tracks yet it still manages to have an uplifting chorus and a great mix of sounds.

At just shy of four minutes, “Ghost” is the longest song on here and it’s probably the most different from the others. More airy and ethereal, as befits the title, it’s this reviewer’s pick of the four songs on offer. Again, it brings back memories of the aforementioned acts the point where I reckon I could guess what’s on Love|Less’s own CD racks at home. This is a band who wear their influences on their sleeves.

With just four songs, it seems like Love|Less are just getting into their stride when the final notes fade out. This isn’t a perfect EP – it is a little too derivative – but there’s a lot here to like. With a couple more songs and an injection of something just a bit more rousing for a crowd to latch onto in the live setting they could definitely be onto a winner.

Love|Less: official | facebook | twitter | soundcloud | youtube

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