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Review: The Cadillac Three – Bury Me In My Boots

The Cadillac Three - Bury Me In My BootsThe Cadillac Three are a southern rock and country rock band who hail from the home of rock – Nashville, Tennessee. The band, formed out of the ashes of the southern rock quartet American Bang, consists of Jaren Johnston, Kelby Ray and Neil Mason. Bury Me In My Boots is the band’s second full-length album to date; after Tennessee Mojo and teaser half-length album last year Peace, Love and Dixie. Having written a number of hits for other bands and artists such as country star Tim McGraw, now is the time for The Cadillac Three to move fully into the furthest echelons of the rock world with Bury Me In My Boots.

The album opens with the title track. It starts with a soft acoustic intro that is swiftly intercepted by a powerful slide guitar as the song kicks up a couple of gears. The band continues to use the juxtaposition of the acoustic and electric guitar throughout to give the song a real strong hook. This classic country rock song is an upbeat number that makes many nods to the southern heritage from which The Cadillac Three are born. This strong sense of culture really resonates throughout the album and gives a feeling of honesty that adds hugely to the listening of all the tracks.

The second song on the album “Slide” with its rhythmic lead guitar seems more in keeping with the classic ‘Cadillac’ sound from previous releases. Don’t be fooled, however, that this is the band treading water. The increased tempo of the song mixed with the slight off beat ‘riffage’ that forms the crux of the track: gives a sense of early AC/DC’s love child with Lynyrd Skynyrd without being too derivative of either great. This heavy blues sound and feel is a theme that runs through the album. It forms the basis for songs in the album such as “Party Like You”, “Soundtrack To A Six Pack”, and “Peace, Love and Dixie”.

The other side to the album consists of slower, more straight up songs that have a slight balladic feel with their huge slightly mournful choruses. The single “Drunk Like You”, fits into this aspect of the album. A slow beat and minimalistic guitar builds into a chorus that marches forward on with a primal force. A definite highlight of the album, the track already sits as their most streamed song to date.

Overall the album is very strong and highlights the ability of the band both as players and as songwriters. You do, however, get the sense that the songwriting potential of The Three Cadillacs is yet to be fully realised. This album is without doubt the album that will propel them on to greater things and force them into the mind-set of the rock world. Yet the next five years could see even further propulsion into fame and fortune for The Three Cadillacs.

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