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Review: Ramage Inc. – Bloodstock sampler

Earth Shaker

As far as I can tell, the CD that Ramage Inc. foisted on me at Bloodstock was unique to festival attendees and the like. It includes two tracks from the band’s Earth Shaker album (“Transparency” and “Guardian”) and two from their previous release Feel the Waves (“So Far Away” and “Don’t Bring Me Down”).

Sheggs actually reviewed Earth Shaker about a year back, but I did say I’d review all the CDs I got from Bloodstock so this gives me a chance to put in my 2p’s worth.

The band have been described as somewhat Devin Townsend-ish, though darker. Which is pretty damn dark. There’s no denying the electronica-led influence of the bald madman on any of the tracks here, but Ramage Inc very much have a sound all their own.

Lead singer Ramage’s voice reminds me vaguely of Pete Steele as he sings with quite a low tone in places, though he has a bit more range than the sadly-missed Goth giant. The music is equally varied in tone from dark crunchy rhythms to floaty, melodic riffs. “Transparency” manages to vary from the deathly pits of Hell all the way to rousing heights of freedom.

“Guardian” is far more of a face-smasher, with some gentle lulls during which you can patch up the dents before it just pummels the crap out of you again. It’s during this track that you get an insight into Mr Ramage’s vocal range, from harsh growling to high-pitched melody.

It’s a good idea to partner the two new tracks with two older ones, so as to get a feel for how the band has changed. “So Far Away” has a more airy intro than the later two songs, and the track itself contains a very ethereal feel with guitars which bring back memories of the more laid back Satriani tunes – but backed by heavily distorted rhythm strings.

The final track of the four, “Don’t Bring me Down”, actually has almost a poppy, Muse-like overtone. There are parts of this track that are almost chart-friendly, others that verge into orchestral… yet it’s all metal. You just need to listen to it. Repeatedly.

If the band were flinging these CDs out to randoms at Bloodstock then I sincerely hope they gave them a listen. They ought to get a few deserved album sales out of it. Both albums are available through the band’s bandcamp page, along with an older EP. Or you can grab Earth Shaker [amazon text=via Amazon&asin=B014AN80KO] which will net us a couple of pennies in commission as well!

Ramage Inc: official | facebook | twitter | youtube | bandcamp

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