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Review: Attica Rage – Warheads LTD

Attica Rage - Warheads LtdWhen one thinks of great rock and metal and where it comes from, there are plenty of places which come to mind. But what about Scotland? There are growing scenes all across the country and in Glasgow, the home of the home of The Moshville Times, the scene is well and truly alive. At the top of the ranks is home-grown heavy heroes Attica Rage who have recently released their 4th album Warheads LTD.

Warheads LTD starts off with “Beyond the 45”. The song is an infectiously catchy anthem addressing the hopeful attitude amongst “Vote Yes” supporters throughout the aftermath of the vote on Scottish independence. The song is a simple straight-up catchy rocker with a rousing refrain of “Hey! It’s time to stand up! It’s time to shout out!” which is certain to get the crowd going live. The next two numbers, “Falling Down” (which the band have made a video for) and “Warheads LTD” slow the pace down a touch and feature plenty more catchy hard rock riffs and chorus melodies to get the head nodding and voice singing along. “El Chupacabra” marks the album’s turn to some heavier and moodier tones with its darker side of NWOBHM-style riffing.

The darker tone continues throughout the second half of  Warheads LTD. The next track “All Summer Long” features a much more dissident selection of intro riffs and extensive drum ideas – particularly working the toms and cymbals. In contrast to the darker tone and increased sense of tension created by these riffs, the song features a much more anthemic sing-along chorus that sounds like it came straight from a radio rock hit – and the contrast works beautifully. “Lost in Memory” features more clean guitar arpeggios with a more active bassline beneath it before hitting another catchy and anthemic chorus backed up by some subtle strings. The song serves as the most ballad-esque track on the album.

Reaching the closing stretch of Warheads LTD is the instrumental “Into the Ether” which showcases the bass to max backed up by quieter and more mysterious guitar ideas before increasing in volume to create a more epic sound. “Into the Ether” segues to “New World Decay” which is a more uptempo number. With continuing use of strings behind the heavy metal further continues the epic feeling the song has. The verses and chorus feature pretty simple riffing but the song really hits it’s stride in the guitar solos and the headbanging middle riff. Warheads LTD ends with “Haunted” and it’s prelude. The longest song on the album, it features a lot of ideas such as eerie clean guitar arpeggios, continued use of orchestral strings in the background, and catchy guitar melodies (particularly in the chorus). “Haunted” further continues the epic feeling hinted earlier in the album towards the end of the song with its extensive guitar solos and increased use of the orchestral strings.

Warheads LTD also showcases a greater feeling of evolution in Attica Rage. From the darker, heavier and generally murkier sound (in terms of music and production) of the band’s debut Ruin Nation to the cleaner, crisper heavy rock sound of previous album 88MPH to Warheads LTD. The album has a little of everything Attica Rage has done before and more. It’s heavy, it rocks, it’s melodic, it’s catchy, it’s epic. The band continue to grow, develop and move forward while still giving us the Attica Rage we know and love.

In conclusion, Attica Race’s 4th album Warheads LTD is a great record with lots to offer fans both new and old. Once the first playthrough is finished you’ll want to listen to it over and over again. A fine effort from Glasgow’s heavy heroes and long may Attica Rage continue.

Highlights: “Beyond the 45”, “Warheads LTD”, “El Chupacabra”, “All Summer Long” and “Haunted”

Score: 8/10

Warheads LTD is available now via Off Yer Rocka Recordings.

Attica Rage are due to headline the Jagermeister stage at Bloodstock Open Air on Sunday the 14th of August. Following that, the band are due to tour the UK throughout September, October and November.

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