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Review: Mike Milan Dedic – Mike Milan Dedic

Mike Milan Dedic 192Just a quick review of a little EP that was sent through to us by the guy who did all the work on it – Mike Milan Dedic from Toronto. Mike is mainly a guitarist, but performed all the music across the five instrumental tracks.

This self-titled release is available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon and if they give you a chance to play a little sample them go for it. Mike’s definitely got more than a little talent in those fingers and thumbs and it shows in this nice selection of tracks – I hesitate to use the word “songs” as there are no vocals!

The titles are quite simple, and generally stir up an emotion or expectation within you when you hear them – “Energy”, “Zoom”, “Run!”, “Launch” and “Shall We Dance?”. Generally, the music suits the title and each track does come across well instrumentally. They’re not structured like a song with missing lyrics, but instead flow like a proper piece of music – Joe Satriani is my preferred instrumental guitarist of choice and Mike’s got the same knack for writing.

If I’m brutal, production could be better – the guitars are a little fuzzy/overly distorted and the drums too trebly, but this only detracts slightly from what are really good, atmospheric instrumental tracks. One or two pieces sound like they have as many as three guitar tracks overlaid which really work well together. Nothing clashes, it’s like listening to an 18-string orchestra.

As you may gather from the titles, the pace is generally on the speedier side of things but not to thrash extents. Upbeat and lively is probably the best way to describe things – some great riffs and licks overlaid with the occasional fast-paced flurry. The exception is the final track, “Shall We Dance”, which is altogether a slower and more sedate piece in terms of beat. It still shreds, though!

If you fancy a break from the standard fare, and something to chuck on an chill to then this is a great little collection of tracks.

Mike Milan Dedic: facebook | youtube

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