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Review: Dunkelnacht – Ritualz of the Occult

Dunkelnacht - Ritualz of the OccultThe thing that strikes me with black metal is that there is no perfect way of writing it. Black metal can be written in so many ways such as incorporating a range of different instruments to create a unique sound. For me Dunkelnacht do that. Ritualz of the Occult is such as an expressive album in so many ways. The E.P starts of with “Unchained” where heavy synths mix with powerful guitars and thundering drums. This track just transports the listener to a netherworld, complete with screeching vocals that just stand out in a harmonious way against the beautiful melodies.

Moving on to “Ritualz of the Occult”, the second track on the E.P. A track filled with wailing guitars which mix with thundering drums, to create an unbelievably heavy machine gun sound, in both a raw, and melodic way. The vocals are still powerful and dark which sends goosebumps shooting up my arms, a heavy and rather catchy track. The track is also complete with a beautiful raw sound that grabs the listener by the ears, and so does the rest of the E.P.

I find this E.P a very captivating piece of art to listen to, with the combination of wailing guitar solos that set loose beautiful yet fast melodies. The vocals are just mesmerising combining elements of both black and death metal in a flawless way. A catchy yet dark E.P filled with raw and more melodic influences in perfect union. Even the lyrics on this album duplicate the power and energy behind everything, with so many occult themes that they would put the work of Aleister Crowley to shame.

Ritualz of the Occult is very dynamic, with whispering vocals such as on “Pretty Lovesick Funeral” that transports me to the mouth of Hell itself. Going back to the diverse sound of black metal, Dunkelnacht are very diverse and they pour everything into this masterpiece. From sound effects of thunderstorms, to the synths used, and even the atmosphere. Especially on “Emblem of a Diluted Deism” where dark melodies mix with a range of whispering vocals, clean vocals to really set the dark atmosphere up. A superb E.P for a band that are really trying – successfully – to bring black metal back to its roots.

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