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Review: Yigga Digga – Faded Glory

Yigga Digga - Faded Glory

Bm Tsch Bm Bm tsch, is the sound of someone articulating a drumbeat and Yigga Digga is the verbalisation of a guitar riff… and the name of a heavy rock band from Pittsburgh. More information is heading your way ladies and gentleman. Yigga Digga have released their second full length album, Faded Glory, which came out 13th May 2016.

Faded Glory is the follow up to their self-titled debut album released in 2007. 2007? Really, that is some time ago, so what have they been doing, we hear you ask. Well, the answer is simple, they took a short hiatus, had a change in line up have been smashing their sound around the music scene of Pennsylvania. The band consist of Tom Dillon-Guitar/Vocals, Bill Colflesh-Bass/Vocals, Chris Semonik-Lead Guitar/Vocals, and Billy Beggs-Drums.

Now it’s time to check out the album. Opener “Faded Glory” has heavy crunching guitar riffs and fierce vocals. ‘Shoulder to shoulder we stood to fight’ are lyrics that would fit their press conference, announcing they’re back and for the long hall. There’s a mixture of influences throughout, especially with Motorhead and Volbeat. The growling vocals are a pleasure to hear and shows Lemmy lives on.

At the beginning of “Slave to the Life” it brings on memories of the Bon Jovi style riff to Young Guns 2 a Blaze of Glory. This track’s superb, a tip of the hat to old school rock bands. The clear vocals mixed with standing on top of mountains rocking that guitar solo is a great sight to have in the mind. The Video you can see below.

Introducing “Eden” this has the growling Black Sabbath factor then moves to “Memory”, a complete change of style at the beginning to both songs. The band are not afraid to surprise the listener with a track that’s heavy in ferocity that makes red wine stains come out of your white rug like “Eden”, to a mellow acoustic track such as “Memory”.

“Cutter” has the chugging Halloween type guitar which feels as if something bad is going to happen. The song’s about a girl self-harming, which is a delicate issue that many people go through. With the vocals of Dorothy Macalusco (Velvet Hollow) make this a highlight of a stacked album. A wicked guitar solo kicks in half way in and this coffee table I’m sitting at goes flying.

“Wendingo” – the Yigga Digga Yigga digga guitar sound is prominent in this one and again its old school heavy rock. The noise of the wolves at the beginning is a great addition. And with “Equalizer” and “Wishing Well” has full on dirty hair swinging metal, with Metallica, Motorhead and Volbeat sounds moulding together that brings out the flesh of the peach.

“Welcome to your sodomise in my secret place where evil lies” is the opening line to “222×3” mixed with the fiery vocals, hart hitting drums, and once again it got me flipping that coffee table, this time I was asked to leave, but what do they expect with free Wi-Fi and this new album I’m listening to.

Final track “When the Man comes around”, I’m not a fan of covers, but this is a perfect fit for the album and the band. This is Johnny Cash at his best, this is a marching track. The beat of the drums evoke the image of marching musket wielding soldiers marching towards their oppressors, following the drums to gain that extra yard and Faded Glory is the yard taker and further on for Yigga Digga.

The eclectic taste of this album is music for people who love rock, but have a different antenna to others. They pick up songs that play on their mind compared to the ones of their pal. Yigga Digga have no need to wait another nine years, they have a foundation built already and their fan base grows.

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