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Review: Stuck Mojo – Here Come the Infidels

Stuck Mojo - Here Come The Infidels

In 1996 I heard a guitar burst that made me sit up and take note, that guitar was from “Pigwalk” by Stuck Mojo. At the time it was the cross over generation, where rap and metal joined forces. Some pulled it off such as Stuck Mojo, and some couldn’t, such as… we will leave it there.

Formed in 1989 Mojo released Snappin’ Necks their first record in 1995, and then the aforementioned song “PigWalk” in 1996 on the album with the same title. Receiving accolades for their powerhouse live shows where they toured with Pantera, Type O Negative and Machine Head. They became known as one of the best live acts around and needed to be witnessed. Not long after the second album (Pigwalk), the band took a break to focus on other musical ventures, such as Rich Ward and Frank Fontsere creating Fozzy which features Pro Wrestling legend Chris Jericho on vocals.

Seven studio albums down the line Stuck Mojo are back, with their eighth instalment Here Come the Infidels an album that almost didn’t happened. A reunion was on the cards with original members Bonz and Corey Lowery after a few shows they departed, but founding fathers Rich Ward and Frank Fortsere at the helm, located or found new blood in the form of Robby J on vocals and veteran bassist Len Sonnier. Here Comes the Infidels is complete, because of help from the fan funding site Pledgemusic.

Prepare yourself to inhale the fire and storm, as the force is about to hit you.

Stuck Mojo’s new ninja, Robby J Fonts greets us with “welcome everybody to the dirty, dirty south”. Rich Ward then destroys the senses with his brutal guitar skills. Opening tracks set the tone for albums, great thing here, is this opener is a power-driven escapade that allows us to meet new vocalist and bassist where we can hear the continued growth of Ward and Fontsere all with some angry aplomb.

The affectionately named “Rape Whistle” continues the onslaught of aggressive drumming by Frank Fontsere.  Next up Robby J tells the story of pushing back against the constant law breaking. Under the crunching beats the scream of “I aaaaaam Charles Bronson”. Remember the Death Wish movies? “l AM CHARLES BRONSON” A chant to hear around music venues.  There’s no let up, as we hit “The Business of Hate” a mixture of vocals in near perfect tonnage. The screams, the rap, and the melody content, this track has it all.

“I’m not a rapper I’m a lyrical machine” flows Canadian front man Robby J, this is “Verbal Assault” a thank you to legends of rap and metal that is, RUN DMC, Big Daddy Kane, Public Enemy and Anthrax to name a few who brought the noise. Check out the video below.

A Piano starts off “Destroyer” and moves to an old school rap style, where Robby J holds his own and gives more to the new looking Stuck Mojo and “welcome to the generation of the living dead” as social media is God.

“Worst Person on Earth” an anger fuelled, metal crunching, rap flowing, stance to the industry of entertainment. Mojo don’t mention who it’s about, but you can make your own list. “Fire Me” has a collaboration of vocalist Terry Chism and Robby J Fonts, a meeting of old school rock vocals and the new star on the mic. “I am Legion”, what I can say, well, all I can say is this is metal at its best, its dark and 666 is the number “I am the shadow that you live under”. Pray before you turn that track on loud.  “Tamborine” another component added to this album, the cool funk laden from Len Sonnier on bass gives this that a cool vibe. Here comes the infidels’ ends with “Blasphemy”.

This album is a return to force for the Stuck Mojo guys, their sound’s grown, the addition of Robby J is a superb find, and can hold his own. The album is full on in your face stand against people who say they’re protecting us, but in fact are the ones we need to be protected from.

Sit back – break a Kit Kat, for the “style packing, trend setting, no regretting, gun packing, mouth smacking, southern fried. Original, mythical, fearless and invincible – Here come the infidels” this is the return of Stuck Mojo.

Here Come The Infidels is out on July 1st

Stuck Mojo: facebook | twitterpledgemusic

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