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Single Review and new video: P!nk – Just Like Fire

P!nk - Just Like FireEditor’s Note: We had a hell of an argument on our staff forums as to whether we should review this single. The discussion/fighting brought out two very different viewpoints and some strong language opinions! The final decision to run with it was mine because… well, why not? Take it away, Katie!

Pop / rock goddess P!nk (Alecia Moore) is back with her first single in three years; “Just Like Fire” from the new Walt Disney Studios film Alice Through The Looking Glass, which hits cinemas on 27 May.

“Just Like Fire” is the first original song Alecia has written for a live action feature film, and will appear both in the film and on the motion picture soundtrack.

Back in 2014 she took a break from being “P!nk” and released a folk-music album Rose Ave with City & Colour’s Dallas Green (under the band name You + Me), but with “Just Like Fire” P!nk has returned with her infamous up-beat, tongue-in-cheek, attitude-laden sound.

This song, for me, speaks of how she refuses to conform to the pre-conceived formulas for success that are so frequently forced on artists, particularly in the more pop / commercial sectors of the industry, and is happy to walk her own path – “I would rather we just go our different ways than play the game”. Another theme of some of her more recent songs (such as “Fuckin’ Perfect” and “Raise Your Glass”) is that it is ok to be different, and “Just Like Fire” touches on this too – “people like to laugh at you cause they are all the same”.

Never afraid to poke fun at herself, the video opens with her husband (motocross star Carey Hart) trying to offer her tea while she hangs upside-down on her trademark silks. The video also features their four-year-old daughter Willow. Strong on the fantasy / wonderland theme, it is another great collaboration with Dave Meyers, who has directed some of her previous videos including “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)”, “Fuckin’ Perfect”, “Raise Your Glass” and “Funhouse”.

Fingers-crossed she has an eighth album in the works and an accompanying tour. Her live shows are nothing short of spectacular; she spins upside-down dangling from silks, floats above the crowd on wires and spins in metal cages…I wonder what she might have up her sleeve this time!

P!nk: official | facebook | twitter | youtube

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