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Review: The Wretched End – In These Woods, From These Mountains

The Wretched End - In These Woods, From These MountainsFormed out of former members from Emperor, Windir and Dark Funeral it has been four long years since new material has been released by the Wretched End. But… the wait has been worth it with this album – an album filled with raw black metal sounds and a range of different vocal changes in tempos.

The first track on the album, “Dead Icons”, has a very raw sound to it with fast, heavy drums and heavy sounding guitars. The vocals are very dark yet catchy with different melodical instrumentals. Low deep vocals mix with different tempos which changes the pure raw energy that coming pouring out, in a beautifully well-written way.

Another thing about this album is that it is one hell of a catchy piece of work with deep melodies creating a bleak atmosphere, vocals mixing with a dark sound and even different melodies within the vocals that stand out on the tracks. This album is also a perfect example of when black metal meets a more varied sound, with riffs that get stuck in your head in a highly executed way. This is no more obvious than in the third track on the album, “Norwegian Soul” with guest vocalist Attila Csihar from Mayhem. A track filled with different melodies in terms of tempo, and fast heavy blasting drums. These have been mixed with hellish screeching vocals that give off a raw energy that can only be described as pure and dark.

The rest of the album is just filled with dark atmospheric riffs and hard-hitting drums, tempo changing vocals and melodies that combined give the album a unique feel. The album is also filled with raw black metal sound that takes things back to their roots. This can be heard within “Misery Harbour”, one example of giving the album an organic sound that is brilliantly written, and unique.

Even the last track on the album entitled “Dewy Fields” is still able to provide a grinding black metal sound highly darkened guitar riffs. These mix with clean vocals to create a heavy dark feel – an epic way to end an album, with so much to offer that makes it easy to fall in love with.

In These Woods, From These Mountains is out on April 22nd

The Wretched End: official | facebook | twitter | omerch

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