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Review: Servant Sun – Hundred Waves

Servant Sun - Hundred WavesGlasgow’s premier alt-metallers are back with their stunning sophomore EP, Hundred Waves.

When we caught up with the eclectic metal mob a few weeks ago, they described the prospect of the big release as “kind of terrifying”. It’s easy to see why, because Hundred Waves is a big, bold statement of intent.

Things kick off with the epic title track (which the band were kind enough to let us hear in advance). And it’s lost none of its potency after being played over and over. From its storming main riff, through the smooth vocals coasting over the chorus, to its furious crescendo, this is definitely the best track to kick the record off with: a gripping introduction to Servant Sun which proudly showcases the diverse textures at the band’s disposal.

The band identify a diverse rogue’s gallery of heavy rock and metal bands as influences: everything from Karnivool to CKY to Incubus to “super heavy shit you’ll never have heard of” can be felt here. But this is a band with a remarkable sense of self, despite their relative youth, and a sound confident enough to reign these disparate sounds into something which is unmistakably Servant Sun.

This talent for bringing together a rich palette of textures only becomes more apparent as the record progresses. ‘Misgiver’ is a relatively breezy track by this band’s standards (it still clocks in at over eight minutes), marked by a euphoric riff which will definitely get stuck in your head for days. This is nicely complimented by ‘Taste of Silver’: a massive, melancholic slow burner with more than a hint of Danzig’s third album about it (which is probably the greatest compliment we could give a new artist). ‘Cold House Collapse’ wraps the whole package up in triumphant style, with a characteristically upbeat groove which descends into an ebb and flow of harsh and smooth tones: equal parts uplifting climax and knockout punch.

Hundred Waves is testament to the ever-growing talents of a brave young band who seem hellbent on carving a distinct niche for themselves. Servant Sun’s music is reverent of what’s come before, but confident enough to take ownership of these influences and stand proud on its own two feet.

And it’s going to be excellent for dancing at the launch show tonight.

Hundred Waves is available now.

Servant Sun play a special E.P. Release show at Glasgow’s Audio on 16th April.

Servant Sun: facebook | twitter | instagram | bandcamp | youtube | bigcartel

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