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Review: Imperium – Titanomachy (and new lyric video)

JamesImperium - Titanomachy Cover ArtNow, I must admit that I am very picky when it comes to my death metal. It needs to have enough musical skill and also requires the vocals to fit the music so that the whole piece gels together. When this album appeared, I immediately noted it saying “For fans of epic technical metal such as Nile”. Now when something says that, it immediately sparks my attention and prompts me to give it a listen. And boy, was I not disappointed with this album…

It’s clear that the band has been influenced by Nile as it has a lot of their signature trademarks. Super speed drums, insanely fast technical guitars, harsh vocals throughout and additional little instrumental bits here and there. However, where this album differs is that it is heavy as balls. Like it’s one of the HEAVIEST albums I’ve ever heard. And that’s saying something…

As is common with a lot of technical death metal albums, the songs have a similar feel for all the tracks and this album is no different. Yet, all the songs have parts in them, which enables them to be memorable and appear different upon more listens. Take for example the track “Ingurgitate the Traitor”. This has all the marks of a typical tdm (technical death metal) track, yet has a superb shredding guitar solo and a stylized opening different from a lot on the album.

Then there are the little interludes that are: “Intro” and “Into the Abode of Death”. Both these tracks sound like ones you’d hear on either a Nile album or a traditional Egyption music record. They’ve captured the feel of the olden music very well and have conveyed in a slightly more modern manner. Top marks guys.

Now, I’ve sadly not had as much time as I would like to look into this album. That’s simply due to time constraints from outside sources not related to Moshville, but I highly encourage you to check these guys out. It’s clear that Nile and bands of that ilk have influenced them. However, they have created something which is a completely different beast and is, dare I say it, better than what Nile has been putting out in the recent years…

Rating: 8/10

Standout tracks: Castrate the Father of The Sky, Descend Abysmal Void, Ingurgitate the Traitor, Phelgethon Rising, Titanomachy

Titanomachy will be released on May 7th via Ultimate Massacre productions.

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