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Review: Cacatory – Demo

Cacatory - DemoToday we hit 3000 likes on facebook and I had a little bit of time before zooming off for a Krav class. I looked at the backlog of things I need to cover and decided to cram in a quick review of a demo we received a couple of weeks back. After all, what better way to celebrate a nice milestone than with a look at a band at the end of the music scale that we should be supporting? Bands who are chucking their own cash into recording music they’ve created in the hopes of getting some gigs and… who knows?

Cacatory got in touch a while back after we reviewed Degenerate’s demo – the two bands happen to be friends. Both are from the Netherlands, and Cacatory are a melodic death act who released this 2-track demo earlier this year. To give you the briefest of reviews – wow. These are good songs. Production is good and the tone / vocal style reminds me more of mid-to-late-era Carcass more than anything else.

Their facebook page only credits one band member as doing vocals, but it certainly sounds like more than one person in the recordings. Whether this is layering, the same person performing different style or other band members covering backing duties I’m not sure but it’s good. The main vocal style is the wet, guttural classic Carcass style though there are some more grunty ones as well which are more like a traditional death act. As it happens, I just spotted that they cover “Heartwork” when they play live – and they play it bloody well. I also noticed on the video that there are two members with microphones, though one could be a guest.

[Update – the band responded: “Both guitarists do backing vocals. Heartwork live was a guest indeed :)”]

Guitars are great. Crunchy in rhythm, crisp and clear on lead. The bass and drums pound along in the background holding everything together and are just right in the mix.

The best way to sample these delights is to listen for yourself. The band released them as a YouTube video which I’ve embedded below. If you click through to the video on YouTube itself, the lyrics are listed there as well.

Cacatory are definitely a band to keep an eye and ear out for.

Cacatory: facebook | google+ | youtube | bandcamp | spotify

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