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Review: Treetop Flyers – Palomino

DavidThe Treetop Flyers hail from London (…well mostly London) but there is more than a touch of the Americanas about their music. This is not entirely surprising for a band named after a Stephen Stills’ song. The band’s American influences pour out through their music. Their second album, Palomino, will be released on 11 March 2016.

Treetop Flyers - PalominoThe opening track is “You Darling, You”. It features an odd synth sound and I must admit to being unsure of it at first. Next up though is “Sleepless Nights” where Neil Young(ish) vocals vocals feature and I began to relax into the band’s sound. Track three, “Lady Luck” starts off quite downbeat but grows nicely. Rasping, pained vocals towards the end and a bit of flute (I do like a bit of flute!) over melancholy piano and wailing guitar at the end. “It’s A Shame” has a T-Rex like guitar at the start and some great vocals. They reminded me of Ha Ha Tonka in this track. I especially liked the chorus with the repeated chanting of: “Shame”. “St Andrew’s Cross” with a nice acoustic, echoing live feel to it. I can imagine it working well in an unplugged set. A couple more of the tracks stood out for me: “31 Years”, the vocals really shine on this track; and “Never Been As Hard”, strong bass opening, atmospheric guitars and some discordant piano noodling at end. The album closes with “Wild Winds” which is has a pop-influenced introduction with a drum beat to get your foot stomping and a wilder, weirder, middle section.

By the band’s own admission, they have been through the mill since the release of their first album and they described the recoding of Palomino as therapeutic. I may be reading too much into the CD cover, but to me there is something of the graveyard in the artwork: a chair that’s reminiscent of a tombstone and a hand bursting, Carrie-style, out the ground. So, are we to assume the therapy has not worked? Well, perhaps it has, since the hand is not trapped but rising up clutching a flame; a flame with a cross at the centre; a flame of hope?

If you have a hankering for the Americanas and are not adverse to a bit of experimentation, check out Palomino. You won’t be disappointed.

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