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Review: Enthean – Priests of Annihilation

Enthean - Priests of AnnihilationFor those not familiar with the U.S technical death meets black metal band: they are from South Carolina, formed in 2012, and had a demo release entitled Tones of Desecration back in 2013. The band have now released their first full-length album Priests of Annihilation, an album filled with a range of dynamics and energy which works perfectly in such a beautiful, diverse way.

One track for me that stands out is entitled “Tones of Desecration”. It starts off as quick guitar melodies and thunderous drums meet with dark growls and a very catchy bassline. At this point the track has already become a catchy song filled with tonnes of energy and power. The track is also complete with more melodic breakdowns which again show how dynamic the band can be, and how well the dynamics work with the atmosphere of the song.

Another track on the album “Before you, I am” starts off with catchy drum patterns meeting with quick melodies and powerful dark vocals. These all combine in a flawlessly beautiful way. Later on in the track dark energetic riffs come into play with a range of different melodies and tempos giving it more energy in an exciting way. The introduction of perhaps Dissection influenced riffs add more power.

“Behold the Primordial” opens up as another quick, powerful and upbeat number with heavy guitars and thunderous drums. The growling vocals over the symphonic effects make this track another hook on the album. It is another track which is both powerful and energetic, with breakdowns mid-track giving it diversity in a superbly mixed masterpiece.

The album overall is superb, filled with a range of melodies, tempo changes and with pure heavy energy. Keep an eye on this band.

Priests of Annihilation is released on May 20th.

Enthean: facebook | twitter | soundcloud | reverbnation | bandcamp

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