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Review: Crown Of Cerebellum – Well Of Souls

Crown of Cerebellum - Well of SoulsA bit of a coincidence – as well as World Chaos releasing their demo/promo recently, Crown Of Cerebellum have just sent theirs through. Both bands featured at the same charity gig at the Snooty Fox last year, resulting in a couple of Band of the Day articles.

Crown of Cerebellum haven’t set a date for the release of Well of Souls as yet, but I’m sure it won’t be too long. I believe they’ll be working on it a little more beforehand as they’re not actually all that happy with how it came out… As Joe from the band explained to me, this was their first foray into the world of “professional” recording and production. Sadly, it turned out to be a bad experience and the end results just weren’t what the band were after.

Not ones to simply accept their lot, they took the masters and reworked them into something closer to their original vision and that’s what I’ve had the chance to sample. This shouldn’t come as a surprise – they played that aforementioned gig despite their guitarist being stuck in a back brace. This is a band of grafters and no mistake.

Joe’s done a hell of a job if I’m honest. There’s a decent mix here, with Lisa’s vocals coming through nice and clearly. If I have a criticism it’s the drums – the lower tones sound a bit too bassy/distorted, while the higher tones are a bit too trebly. That aside, and bearing in mind this was an “experiment” for them, it’s damn good.

More importantly, the songs are worth a listen. With a sound verging into the doomier sound of things, they manage to be dark without being too slow or boring. CoC have quite an atmospheric sound. A tinge of evil, but Lisa’s clean vocals giving you a glimmer of light even when competing with the occasional harsh backing vocals such as in “Insanity”.

The band include “progressive” in their label, and there are a few tempo changes here and there to warrant this, but I’d not really say it’s a major part of their sound. It’s the “metal” part that shines through in every song. Some great and simple riffs keeping things chugging along, with some nice airy guitar working its way around at times (such as the beginning of “Spirits”).

The best is saved for last, with the track “Parasite”. Lisa’s vocals are given their biggest test and they’re mixed just perfectly with the guitars. It’s got a great hook to it, and definitely is my pick from the EP.

This is a great little collection of tracks, made all the better by the additional sweat and tears that have been poured into it. When they band get around to releasing it properly, it deserves your attention. It’s had a difficult birth, but it’s been worth it!

Crown of Cerebellum: facebook | soundcloud

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