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Review: The Benzene Ring – Crossing the Divide

New York-located experimental rock trio The Benzene Ring released their sophomore studio album past November. OnCrossing the Divide Crossing the Divide, Jeff Aldrich (vocals, drums, guitars), Hertenstein (keyboards, piano, guitars, vocals), and Daniel Gunnard Beamish Gibson (bass) craft energetic and tuneful experimental rock numbers that contain interludes of vast variety of different subgenres.

The dynamic rockers that sometimes shift into more vulnerable musings show off a band that can assuredly play a range of musical styles. The up-tempo rocker “Jerks in the Obsolaire” blends the best of the rock and pop genres.  It’s an appealing, anthemic tune from start to finish that rolls along with optimistic determination.

“Miles Past the Mark” shakes with a calmer vibe, dealing with post and indie sides of rock. The jagged guitar line and pushy bass line and drum beat propel the song forward, while Aldrich emotes in a deeper, darker tone. In a twist on the traditional Verse, Chorus, Verse structure, a dreamier and slower paced ambience floats in briefly near song’s end. As he lifts into a more vividly expressed vocal tone, crunchy electric guitars and a kinetic drum beat materialize and drive the song across the finish line.

“Alarms” could be described as everything opposed to the previous number; it’s far more fast and edgy than “Miles Past the Mark,” but it also dwells through the dreamy aspect. Heavy rock guitars and slamming drums interrupt the reverie, churning in a tumultuous mix. Just as suddenly, another transient lull appears, fades, and is replaced by a burst of alt-rock sonics.

A menacing groove, prominent bass line, and agitated drum beat run through “The Grand Rat Procession.” “And We Are Become As Rats” brings back the band’s signature, 1990s-steeped, alt-rock energy, stepping out with a rigorous start-stop pace of jarring, grungy guitar riffs and kicky drums ‘n’ cymbals interplay.

There is much more than this on Crossing the Divide and it waits to be discovered. Grab this album if you are all for a new adventures when it comes to music, and it will surely give you a lot to absorb.

The Benzene Ring: Bandcamp

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