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Review: Onirism – Cosmic Dream

Onirism - Cosmic DreamOnirism are a symphonic black metal band formed in France, back in 2014. The album Cosmic Dream is the band’s first full length album, filled with beautiful melodies, riffs, thunderous drums and the use of synths – lots and lots of synths – which work perfectly with the raw heaviness of the vocals.

The first song on the album entitled ‘Beginning of a New Era’ starts off with heavy thunderous drums and melodic synths which lead to the creation of beautiful melodies. As the tempo quickens the guitars and drums on the track become heavier mixed with the synths the track itself becomes more melodic as well. The raw and dark vocals soon kick in which just add depth to the track. As the song progresses synths become more used and mixes well with darkness of riffs, drums and vocals. A beautiful, melodic and perfect beginning for the album.

The third track on the album entitled ‘From the End to the Origins’ is another track that stands out for me personally on the album. Quick guitar riffs and ferocious drums leads to a beautiful melody which is just perfect for raw and heavy vocals to enter. The track also becomes darker with the addition of the synths. Later on in the track where the tempo is slowed more atmosphere is given to the track as a whole and giving the track more power, but when sped up again the rawness of the track comes flooding back with the heaviness of the drums, guitars and vocals, making this track is overflowing with melodies, atmosphere and very raw black metal.

‘The Old Man’ is another track to highlight where the use of slow synths kick things off then paves the way for thunderous, hard-hitting drums, and quick guitar riffs. When the vocals kick in they are dark and slow which adds lots of atmosphere, and the song is transformed into a dark wondrous piece of art. This track is also filled with many tempo changes with lots of different riffs and melodies which gives the track atmosphere and volume.

The album itself is filled with synth raw black metal, made up of beautiful melodies and riffs with many changes in tempo which just seems to add depth and volume to the album. It is a perfect example of what symphonic black metal is all about and the band have captured the full essence of that in a magnificent album.

Cosmic Dream is out now and can be ordered from Onirism’s Bandcamp page.

Onirism: facebook | bandcamp

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