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Review: Degial – Savage Mutiny

Degial Mutiny - Savage MutinyI remember the first time I heard of Degial, I was sitting at the computer and I happened to come across their E.P Death and Darkness Buries All and I was blown away. Forward back to this year, where on Christmas Day (a very ironic date), the band released their second full length album Savage Mutiny. The band come from Sweden from Uppsala, where other bands have also come from such as Watain and In Solitude. Focusing on themes of death, gore and blasphemy, this album lives up to the death metal label. Dark heavy guitars, work flawlessly with heavy thunderous and hard-hitting drums, which again works perfectly with the hellish screeching vocals and the dark lyrics.

The first track on the album entitled “Doomgape” starts off with the heavy thunderous drums and mixed with the quick guitars to create heavy and dark melodies, with hellish and dark vocals. The song is also made complete with slow and heavy breakdowns and quick speedy riffs. This is a first amazing track that is full of melodies and heavy and dark battery and vocals, and lives up to the standards of what death metal is all about.

Another track that stands out on the album for me personally is “Deathsiege” which again is another quick and thunderous track also filled with quick melodic guitar riffs which set the dark and bleak atmosphere for the dark, screeching and evil sounding vocals. This track also has its breakdowns which again create and evil and dark atmosphere which just fits seamlessly with the raw and powerful vocals.

“Transgression” is the final track on the album and again its complete with quick heavy guitars and thunderous drums, which opens the track to different tempos, with dark infused riffs. As vocals enter the track, the creation of a dark atmosphere has been created especially with the use of the drums and guitars which give off a very hellish and evil sound. This again fits perfectly with lyrics such as “Place of skulls/Madness wide/Celebration of the dead” which add to the already dark and evil atmosphere that the band have created with this song.

An incredibly dark and evil sounding album mixed with screeching and dark vocals and screeching thunderous guitars and drums, mixed with different tempos and riffs gives this a bit of a melodic but dark atmosphere. An album beautifully made with no loss of heaviness or brutality on it.

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