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Review: Abbath – Abbath

Abbath - AbbathAsk anyone who listens to black metal to name a black metal band from Norway, and I can guarantee you that most people would say “Immortal”. However due to the band’s demise in March last year, and the announcement of Abbath’s solo career and a new album by the ex-frontman of the band, it is clear to say that the production of music from Abbath will not cease anytime soon. So fast forward to this year, and Abbath has released his self-titled debut album complete with heavy, dark and pounding drums and sophisticated, quick guitar riffs which are backed-up by just as heavy vocals and lyrics.

One song that stands out on the album for me personally would be “Winterbane” which opens up with the use of heavy, fast, hard-hitting drums and riffs, intertwined with dark lyrics and vocals. The melodies that are created are easy enough to get into on the already beautifully written track. With lyrics such as “Bloodlust our wings/In Death’s domain of Winterborne” it provides a perfect dark and almost deathly atmosphere around the track. As the track progresses the use of softer guitar riffs and heavier guitar and drum patterns add depth and beauty to the song, and for me personally it is a track that keeps on giving.

Another track on the album entitled “Ocean of Wounds is a catchy number complete with hard-hitting drum patterns and heavy riffs which work flawlessly with dark and powerful vocals. The track itself is also complete with the use of lyrics which are easy to pick up in a beautifully presented way; a song that grips the listener right in the ears. As the song ends the addition of rain/storm sound effects come into use here which opens up the next track entitled “Count the Dead”.

Following “Ocean of Wounds”, the next track links beautifully in sequence starting where the last track ended, with the continuation of the rain/storm sound effects that open up “Count the Dead”. When the drums come in alongside the music of the track they are hard-hitting and the addition of the beautiful riffs adds more power behind the vocals. The lyrics again are catchy and suit the speed and heaviness of the track without fault, complete with a barbed chorus and a medley of dark and powerful riffs and drum patterns which add darkness and power to an already crushing track.

The album for me overall is filled with dark, beautiful melodies – from the drums and the sophistication of how the songs are written in terms of lyrics and vocals, this is an album that should not be ignored. A beautiful first album from Abbath.

Abbath is out now.

Abbath: official | facebook

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