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Review: Norse – Pest

Norse - PestIt’s not every day I come across a band that has released an album that I struggle to describe, but here comes Norse from Australia formed back in 2005. With lyrical themes about misanthropy, and their new E.P entitled Pest. This album has me stumped on how to describe it, a mixture of industrial and black metal rolled into one, in an exciting yet estranged way. However saying this the band are definitely giving off a dark and elegant atmosphere, and are pushing the boundaries of black metal.

The first track on this E.P “Encoded Weakness” features quick drums and melodic guitars mix in harmony with the vocals and lyrics such as: “You have no Pride/You are nothing”. For some it may feel strange listening to this weird yet beautiful mix, but you can appreciate the fact that the industrial style mixes flawlessly with the black metal style, and again seems to fit perfectly with the vocals on this track. This can be heard throughout the album.

The third track on the E.P (“Pest”) is another example of the boundaries pushed by the band. The track itself is complete with beautiful melodies that fit in so perfectly with blood-curdling and Hellish screeching from the vocals, a powerful, dark and focused track which gives off an eerie feel.

This band have pushed the boundaries of black metal, although the industrial and black metal style may not be for some. What can’t be denied is that the infusion of industrial and black metal can work well, and Norse show that a dark assault on the ears does not necessarily mean it is a bad thing. Let’s see if Norse will keep pushing these boundaries in the future. A ferocious and powerful album by the Aussies.

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