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Review: Homselvareg – Catastrofe

Homselvareg - CatastrofeThe first time I discovered anti-human black metal was with Lugbre, formed in 1999 in the Netherlands. I happened to come across them online, listening to their demo kiirch. Filled with themes of war, Satanism and world destruction, to say I was blown away by this would be an understatement. Fast forward to this year, with the Italian band Homselvareg andtheir album Catastrofe. I felt the same way I did back when I heard Lugbre – I was blown away. Formed back in 2004, with the same anti-human black metal themes which run very thick across the band’s work, and can be heard with the bands lyrics and musical style.

The first track on the album “L’inizio Della Fine” quickly opens up as a heavy and fast song, complete with heavy and fast battery, with a beautiful and melodic bassline which fits in perfectly with the song. The vocals are just as powerful, and are heavy, dark and raw, which gives the track lots of depth. Changes in tempo ensure it is a track that keeps on giving.

Another track on the album that stands out for me is the fourth, “Rogo” where heavy and thunderous drums kick things off, followed by equally heavy and beautiful riffs. The vocals on this track can be described as Hellish and hard-hitting. Depth and darkness is also added to the track with beautiful melodies that fit in perfect harmony.

Dark blood-curdling vocals are a theme for this album, complete with heavy and dark battery. If anyone was to ask me for a definition of what black metal should be, I would hand them this album. Catastrofe for me is just powerful and explosive, and everything including the battery, vocals and themes of this album come together in a flawless manner. It’s an album that keeps on giving, and is a definitive highlight of everything that black metal should be.

Homselvareg: official | facebook | youtube | soundcloud

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