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Review: Fake Heroes – Clouds

It is always a treat when a band can take their collective influences, put them in a blender, and create a delicious blend, without sounding like a clone. Clouds, the independently-released sophomore full length by Pescara, Italy’s Fake Heroes, does just that.

Clouds combines vocal styles reminiscent of TesseracT’s Daniel Tompkins, with the melodic metalcore influence of Killswitch Engage, and adds a dash of the technical prowess of today’s new wave of progressive metal (aka djent).

CloudsOpening tracks “Visionary World” and “On The Hill” are melodic, but also hitting, and completely headbang-worthy tunes. I sense influences from Periphery, vocally across these two tracks. These tracks would translate greatly into a live performance.

“Life Long Addiction” flirts with the idea of a classic rock wrapped up with prog metal. If that was intentional, I do not know, but this piece is definitely one of the album’s highlights.

“Skyline” is a jam. It hits hard, and fast, but has a great bounce to it. If this is not currently a live staple for the guys in Fake Heroes, it needs to be starting immediately. This song is made to be shouted along to. Vocalist Manuel Gatta is channeling his best inner Daniel Tompkins/Spencer Sotelo on this track. It is the type of song that wins people over.

The title track is one of the best prog metal moments on the album. Combining those lost nu-metal vocals with modern technicality is a marriage that needs to happen more in the scene. There is a very energetic dynamic guitar-wise in this song. Fake Heroes has the potential to win over a large fanbase with songs like “Clouds.”

I enjoy when bands attempt something different by combining various elements, and I think that is the best thing about Fake Heroes as a band. Younger djent/prog-heads would definitely enjoy this.

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