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Review: Apokathilosis – Where Angels Fear to Tread

Apokathilosis - Where Angels Fear To Tread

AoifeFormed on the Emerald Isle back in 2013, Apokathilosis established themselves as a black metal band complete with synths, and unholy goodness. Despite the band being an independent band, they have recently released their first album entitled Where Angels Fear to Tread. Focusing on lyrical themes about philosophy and spirituality, the lyrics carry these messages throughout the album, especially with the third track “Ashes”. Its lyrics such as: “Fatherly figures preaching doom/holding an idol nailed to a cross/giving up hope/forever lost” underline the spiritual themes.

The album starts and breaks into the first track “Awaken Thee” which can be described as a beautiful pure black metal sound, complete with heavy and fast drums and guitars which go together in perfect harmony. Hard hitting vocals and powerful lyrics round out the song.

Another track on the album that stands out has to be the fifth track, “The Untameable Human Spirit” where beautiful, fast and heavy guitars open up the track followed by the hair-standing, Hellish vocals. These pave the way for the heavy and hard drums. The song is completed by heavy and dark breakdowns which just makes the song sound even darker.

The album also has the use of synths throughout the tracks, which just add to the melodies of guitars and heaviness of the drums giving the album more depth. I just find this album a perfect example of what black metal should be in a way where the lyrics make you think about the world, as well as making you want to headbang. A perfect album.

Why take our word for it? Listen below and head to Bandcamp to buy it if you like it.

Apokathilosis: facebook | bandcamp

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