Friday, December 15, 2017
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Review: Kardashev – Peripety

PeripetyI recently had the chance to listen to the first full-length album from Tempe, Arizona prog death metal band Kardashev. If this is what they can put together for a debut (though after few single and EP releases), then I certainly look forward to more material from them. It’s not often that a freshman release, and an independent one at that, rise to such a level of excellence. Proficient and focused, Kardashev brought their A game for Peripety.

Aside from delivering blast beats and blistering guitar riffs, Kardashev also displays impressive range and mellows things down just a bit. Just a bit, though. It still retains the driving sound that makes it fit with the rest of the album. The sum total is ten tracks that deliver a great sound. For fans of metal, give it a listen and I think you’ll enjoy it. For Kardashev… come back soon with more of this!

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