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Review: Zombieslut – Undead Commando

Zombieslut - Undead CommandoWhen “Zombieslut” appeared in my email I assumed it was either an insult or a compliment. Then I found out it was a band. By that point, though, I had to give them a listen and I’m glad I did.

Zombie by name, death by nature – no surprises there, Zombieslut churn out a gutsy measure of traditional death metal. With throaty, guttural vocals  and a wonderfully catchy, simplistic sense of riffage, this is a great collection of songs.

The obvious comparison in terms of both style and lyrical content is Cannibal Corpse and this is a favourable comparison. Zombieslut have their own little sounds which make them differ from the legends, but they’re right down that filthy, disturbing path. Songs vary from the faster-paced (opener “Undead Commando”, “Lobotomizer”) to the much slower and heavier (“Raw Burial Recontamination”).

Tonewise, it’s down-tuned to the depths of Hell so make sure your speakers can handle the bass. It’s well worth it. Zombieslut have a knack of taking this very violent style of music and adding hooks that a Cenobite would be proud of. You’ll find yourself banging your head and thrashing that air guitar in no time.

Undead Commando was released on November 5th through Rotten Roll Rex (available as digital or CD versions via Bandcamp)

Zombieslut: official | facebook | myspace

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