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Review: Enemo J – Miley Virus

Enemo J - Miley VirusFormed “at the turn of the millennium” (which is almost sixteen years ago now – eek), Enemo J have recently released album number five – Miley Virus. For this newcomer to the band, it’s an impressive introduction.

Coming from Wolverhampton is going to make anyone angry and the eleven track on here (ten and an introduction) certainly have a bit of a pissed-off undercurrent. Featuring distorted vocals a-la Machine Head / Slipknot partnered with powerful clean ones, Enemo J offer a cracking collection of songs here.

Skipping the intro, the first track proper is “This is Not a Toy”. Catching the listener with a great hook underlying the otherwise ridiculous heaviness, this is an absolute stomper. This theme follows through in the likes of “This Stops Today” which marries the ability to crush with making the listener want to bounce up and down. They’ve got that “metal meets hardcore” edge that Machine Head had back in the day.

“Five Percent” has a nice, soft intro and goes for the emotional edge rather than out and out madness and shows the range of the band’s sound. Unlike many of the other tracks, this is one you could sing along to (in parts).

Songs like “Sufference” and “Time” are closer to vanilla post-metal, but unlike some bands who’ll make this their bread and butter for the entire album, to Enemo J this is just part of their wide repertoire.

The album is best listened to with the bass on reasonably high and while in a mildly pissed off mood. It’ll help you work out the adrenaline in no time. I hear good things about their live show and they have graced the stages of both Download and Bloodstock in the past so here’s hoping we see them travelling the country soon.

Miley Virus is already out through Digital Media Records

Enemo J: facebook

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