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GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Review: Bugra Sisman – Until Now EP

Turkish guitarist Bugra Sisman plays guitar since he was 12, and he attended schools in Turkey and UK. During his education years he worked with great musicians what helped him to improving himself.

Until NowRecently, Bugra released his debut EP called Until Now. The four track release is completely instrumental, but still Sisman created a concept release with the background story. Song by song, Until Now talks about phases of a man’s life.

The EP opener “Zero” tells about before existence, “The Existence” is about his being alive, while “The Comprehension” about his experiences. The last song “The Obscurity” is what comes afterwards. Until Now is made of jazz fusion and progressive metal stones. Constant time changes, guitar solos and melodies make this EP strong enough. Bugra’s usage of guitars on this release is very creative, and you don’t feel that something is missing.

Coming from a country which name we do not hear so often when it comes to progressive metal / jazz fusion, Bugra has done a great job with Until Now. Give it a listen!

Bugra Sisman: Bandcamp | Facebook

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