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Review: The 3rd Attempt – Born in Thorns

The 3rd Attempt - Born in ThornsFormed from the members (past and present) of Carpathian Forest, The 3rd Attempt have recorded and published their debut album Born in Thorns.

The album starts off with “Torment Nation”, a song that includes heavy riffs and vocals that you can sing your heart out to. The song is fast, heavy and ferocious and impossible not to get into the second it starts.

The other songs follow on with wailing and screaming vocals, which fit perfectly into the album with heavier-than-life drums and riffs. Another song that stands out on the album is “We Defy”, with beautiful guitar melodies that fit in so well with the bass and drums, and the wailing guitars give birth to growling vocals which make the song perfect. Lyrics such as “We are the ones who kill the lambs/and spread Lucifer’s word” complete the song.

There are even Marduk influences that can be heard throughout the album especially in the song “Sons of the Winter”, where melodic guitar riffs and drums mixed with the vocals sound like Sweden’s darkest sons. The chorus, again, is impossible not to sing along to.

The songs also vary in speed and the last track on the album, “Anti-self”, introduces keyboards and pianos with whispering vocals that then climaxes into thundering drums, wailing guitars and heavy screaming vocals. As the song ends the keyboards and pianos come back in and slowly fade out, which ends the album in a beautifully melodic way.

There are no faults on this album whatsoever, and this can be praised as an amazing debut by the band.

The 3rd Attempt: official | facebook

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