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Review: Hombre Bestia – Janus EP

Hombre Bestia was born in Mexico City in 2010 as a quintet. The band’s music could be described as soft rock with strong influences from prog, psychedelic and alternative rock. After 2013’s full-length debut Claroscuro, Mexicanos are ready to unleash an EP titled Janus this fall.

Janus is comprised of nine tracks, from which four are new, previously unreleased songs and the rest are acoustic versions ofJanus_small songs taken from the debut album. What is shown right off the beginning is improvement the band made in their sound. Vocals are far better than it’s the case with their debut album, and there is also evident progress in their instrumental work. It’s nice to see the band continues to grow and improve gradually.

The new songs are also sung in Spanish- calm, but with wrapped up with progressive rock motives. Hombre Bestia transcend the rich Mexican musical and cultural heritage through their music and lyrics. That also means that the songs are filled with emotions, and that is one of the biggest Hombre Bestia highlights.

As mentioned above, Janus also includes five songs from Claroscuro as acoustic renditions. “Claroscuro,” “Sin Hablar,” “Matar Por Ti,” “Fake Dream,” and “Entre Hormigas” honour this EP. Making them acoustic is not the only change Mexicans made on these versions.

“Janus” EP is an interesting body of work, and its warmness is what makes it a mandatory listen. Its calmness and warmness is a perfect therapy for stress.

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