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Review: Black Stone Cherry – Thank You: Livin’ Live DVD

Black Stone Cherry - Livin' Live DVD coverWe don’t get too many DVDs to review here at Moshville Towers – in fairness, there aren’t many music ones released these days – so when they turn up they do tend to catch our eye. This particular offering from Black Stone Cherry was recorded at their Birmingham (UK, not Alabama) show on October 30th last year and will be released on the same date this year.

My wife and I caught them on the Glasgow date of the same tour and – as far as I can tell – the set list is identical. The stage setup seems a little smaller which means that the band don’t seem as “lost” as they appeared on that night in Scotland, which was one of the only issues I had with that gig (along with the shit sound for the support acts, typical of the Hydro).

What do you look for in a DVD of a live show? Well, a good performance is obvious. Box ticked. This is BSC, after all. Decent visuals. Also box ticked. With various cameras around the place and some decent editing, the show is well covered from all angles. A little shaky in places, but all part of the live experience – not enough to make you travel sick while focussing on the solos. Do note that there may be extra angles or something on the final release (ir does include bonus interview material and additional live tracks shot at this year’s Download Festival). Our preview copy was a simple stream of the main feature.

Sound is the other major issue and, on the whole, this is top notch throughout the entire concert. My only whinge is that the crowd noise could have been ramped up a bit, especially in the segments where the audience is encouraged to join in. We have the rendition of “Things My Father Said” where the band leave all of the singing to the audience (annoyingly), and in this particular version it pretty much sounds like an instrumental. “Soul Creek”‘s “yeah, yeah” section and the participation during the extended version of “Blame it on the Boom Boom” fare far better.

Black Stone Cherry themselves are tight as a gnat’s chuff, with not a skipped note for the entire hour and a half. Impressive given the running and bouncing around that they do. Solos are kept to a minimum – just long enough to show your appreciation for the individual member without it dragging on – and the song selection is as good as you could hope for. A great snapshot of the current catalogue until the new album surfaces in the new year and a bunch of new favourites rear their heads.

I know we weren’t at this actual gig, but watching it brought back plenty of memories of the show we did see. Utterly complete with only the gap between the main set and encore (thankfully) being edited out, and a storming performance from a band who really have only the sky as a limit.

The full tracklist for the main feature is below, along with the trailer. If you’re a fan of the band, this is a great addition to the collection while you’re waiting for next year’s release. And, of course, if you were there then you can look for yourself in the crowd!

  1. Rain Wizard
  2. Blind Man
  3. Me & Mary Jane
  4. In My Blood
  5. Holding On…To Letting Go
  6. Maybe Someday
  7. Such A Shame
  8. Things My Father Said
  9. Fiesta Del Fuego
  10. Sunshine Of Your Love
  11. Like I Roll
  12. Bad Luck And Hard Love
  13. *drum solo*
  14. Hollywood In Kentucky
  15. Hell And High Water
  16. Soul Creek
  17. White Trash Millionaire
  18. Blame It On The Boom Boom/Layla
  19. Peace Is Free
  20. Lonely Train (Can’t Judge A Book)

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