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Review: Altered Sky – Without Wonderland

Altered Sky - Without WonderlandMarkAltered Sky are moving ground and are becoming a Scottish success story. Their fiery music is infectious and finely tuned and the band tap into different musical styles. They’re not a one trick pony either, they have bite like a blood craving lion, and they don’t want the ride to end. Why should they? They’re having the time of their lives by pushing boundaries and electrifying stages. The music consumes them, and they’re ready to hit different shores with smiles so precious and blood so pure.

Since entering the music scene. The band have become a revelation with fire in their bellies and dreams in their heads. Lead by fire-cracker Ana Nowosielska the band respect their roots and starting point. A starting point so humble. And the Glaswegian act don’t fondle the spotlight, they play with music in mind and pride gliding through their veins.

The debut record Without Wonderland is a lyrical and musical statement. It’s a record that bleeds poetry and words that surge. The guitar and drumming beat are ever so present too, and those elements will provoke a response of delight from the ever growing fan-base.

The record begins with This War Is Mine. Nowosielska sings with intent, her well executed vocal tone gels brilliantly with the strong instrumental overlay. The drums are loud and played with talented hands. Lyrically the song describes fight and winning the war of life. The whole album is full of poetic strands that hit the bones. Live-wire has attitude and will patrol the mind with its catchy hooks. The guitar doesn’t blind the song, it helps it on its way to becoming a favourite. Imagine Adventure would fit perfectly as a video game soundtrack. It could be used as a Metal Gear Solid score. Nowosielska’s voice is beautiful here, as she proudly plays the piano.

Altered Sky are a band that will keep getting better. Their sound is refreshing and they’re just Scottish bliss.

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