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Review: The Under – The Under

The Under - The UnderThe Under is a Boston based band that heavily relies on metal with influences from alternative and hard rock, though punk rock atmosphere is no stranger. At the beginning of the summer the trio released a self-titled EP. It’s comprised of five songs.

The Under kicks off with “The Strengththening”, which opens with a sharp guitar solo in the style of 80’s heavy metal. One of the many highlights here is drumming of Randy Odierno, who in a very nonchalant, improvisatory way keeps the overall atmosphere way more interesting.

Well-thought vocal performance of Dan Costa, who also handles guitar duties, in “The Fear” are probably the best thing that’s going on in the track’s six-odd minutes, along with guitar that open space for Costa’s vocal dominance.

“Insidious” showcases the importance of guitar for The Under’s sound. It starts with distinctive guitar riffs and keeps the paved path by adding numerous other influences from the rock & metal subgenres. There is a moment where Costa besides clean singing also does a bit of growling, and that sounds just about right.

Instrumental “Apotheosis” perfectly reflects the prog metal side of the band and this release. And it actually feels as a bridge between the previous song and the following “The Harvest”, which brings up the mentioned punk influences and closes this stylistically very diverse release. A great way to close the EP.

If you are into heavier side of prog, alternative and indie rock styles, make sure to check out this EP. There is certainly a lot of potential here that waits to be revealed.

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