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Review: Hidden – True Mercian Metal EP

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Click for bigness

The EP title may give away the location of this band… Hidden are based in Tamworth, one of the old capitals of the Kingdom of Mercia which is now more generally known as “The Midlands”. Which is nowhere near as cool, but hey.

Featuring a traditional line-up of vocals, drums, bass and twin leads, Hidden chuck around lead weights and they enter your ears as blasting tunes. With a typically metal sense of humour, they don’t seem to take themselves too seriously, but they certainly pour heart, soul and attitude into these four tracks – even 48-second opener “False Ones Must Die”.

Their eponymous track is probably the best on the EP and pretty thrashy, bordering on death with some pretty rumbling vocals to kick off. “Clash of Steel” which follows is a more traditional metal song with a great catchy riff and melodic vocals throughout. “Timeless Death” straddles territory covered by both previous songs, so that by the time you’ve listened through you pretty much now the “Hidden Sound”.

The EP has obviously been produced on a bit of a budget – production isn’t great – but that’s not a real issue. It’s a small collection of pretty damn good metal put together by a group that’s been together two years and currently pushing the fact that they’re gigging a bit. And that’s where these songs will flourish. They’re designed to be head-banged and air-guitar’d to, preferably after a couple of pints of whatever the barman recommends in the pub they’re playing at.

Incidentally, the next pub will be Scruffy Murphy’s at Dale End in Birmingham – September 5th, 2015!

You can get True Mercian Metal through the band’s Bandcamp page for the price of a pint (CD version), or if you’re a cheap-arsed shandy-drinker then you could cough up for a paltry half and get the digital download. Your pride as a metal fan and honour in supporting your brethren should obviously point you towards the shiny spinny version (which also gets you the digital download).

Hidden: facebook | bandcamp

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