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Quick Review: Minority Sound – Drowner’s Dance


Electronic influenced metal is one of those titles which can be applied to a lot of bands. Some of those bands range from having just a backing synth to having almost the entire instrumentation made up of synths. This band sits nicely in the middle and makes for a nice change from all the thrash metal I’ve been listening to lately.

Production wise, It’s quite nice and clean with everything audible and everything having it’s own place. Quite often with this sort of music, you can loose certain instruments because there’s so much going on in the track.

Minority Sound-Drowner's Dance

Having a sort of Demanufacture vibe in parts, the album features some killer riffs and melodies here and there throughout the albums. If this music was playing in a dance club, I’d probably go in there and have some fun. It’s genuinely something which I can imagine folk having a good rave to, with other folk head-banging along to it.

Sadly, I didn’t have as much time to check this one out as I would have liked. I will say this though, it’s definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of bands like Fear Factory and The Browning.

Stand Out Tracks: “Whip Him Good”, “Epidemic of Hystery”, “Generation Z”, “Drowners Dance”

Track List:

  1. Whip Him Good
  2. Last Day on Earth
  3. 1000 Years
  4. Epidemic of Hystery
  5. Freezin Oceans
  6. Generation Z
  7. Hate Calculation
  8. Drowners Dance
  9. First Day on Earth
  10. Come Hell

Minority Sound: officialfacebook |  | bandcamp

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