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Review: Don’t Shoot – The Wonderkid EP

Don't Shoot - The Wonderkid EP

MarkEmotiveness and indie rock ring out like a sweet sound on Don’t Shoot’s The Wonderkid EP. The band generate and ultimately push their energy into the record, creating something powerful and mammoth. But, with their music being so refined, the band seem down to earth and they dance with sincerity. This EP is the bands hope and glory, their tour de force, their piece of wonderment.

Don’t Shoot also enforce a crystal clear attitude and don’t ponder at the chance of being a massive act, they just play to please, and nod at the independent scene graciously.

The Wonderkid EP begins with “The Sound Of”. The song latches onto the mind and soothes it. There are no vocals but sweet instrumentation. You could fall into it like a pillow.

“Panic” is a louder, more energetic piece that fulfils that craving for indie rock. The guitars drive in like a thousand nails, and the lyrics are poetic, showcasing intelligence. “The Wonderkid” is a song that blasts away like a grenade pulverising an old dusty room. The riff is sweet and original, perfect in its simplicity. “Rules” is an acoustic jam. Hearing the beautiful lyrics will be as clear as day, and the musicality is magically intertwined with the sincerity.

Don’t Shoot are a band that focus on pleasing the flock that jump around beer swamped and encased in a trance. They’ve created a beauty.

Don’t Shoot: official | facebook | twitter | youtube | instagram | soundcloud | reverbnation | spotify

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