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Review: Surrender the Coast – Lost Souls

Surrender the Coast - Lost SoulsMoshSurrender the Coast from from Leicester so you can forgive them being angry and shouty. In fact, you can celebrate their anger as it’s given form to the “mini-album” (it’s 8 tracks, there’s nothing mini about it) that is Lost Souls.

A hard-working bunch, Surrender the Coast are regulars in venues all over the shop including opening slots on some pretty decent tours. All this practice is shown off in this release with some really tight musicianship, belting rhythms and shredding vocals.

Opener “Aurora Skies” widdles its way in via a brief instrumental before settling down into a style that’s a bit more “metal”. And then the vocals kick in and you realise that the band have quite the hardcore influence, something that’s emphasised with a couple of crunching “bass drop” sections later on.

The title track is simply angry. Belting, in your face, screw everything fury. Yet it’s also rhythmical, catchy and something you can both slam and punch the air to.

“Thrones” is a much slower number and probably the most “different” on the album in terms of tone. Plaintive wails from the guitars rather than blinding stabs and plenty of slow, near-prog breaks.

If you can survive the maelstrom that is “Dreamcatcher” then you’re doing well, but don’t rest up as four more tracks to go. “Southpaw” is a wonderfully heavy number with an interesting opening half and a belting, pounding main riff.

The whole album is the same. In what is fast becoming a muddled and crowded sub-genre, or collection of sub-genres, Surrender the Coast genuinely stand out. They’ve taken what is generally a simple musical style and added a dash of something special without losing any of the inherent rage that makes hardcore offshoots what they are.

They’re playing a free show in Leicester at the Sumo on March 6th so it won’t even cost you anything to check them out.

Lost Souls is released on February 22nd through Redfield Records.

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