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Review: We Fight Like Kids – Superficial Behaviour

We Fight Like Kids - Superficial BehaviourMoshFrom the Midlands come We Fight Like Kids and their pop/punk/metalcore blend of surprisingly upbeat lunacy, Superficial Behaviour.

It’s always good to hear a debut EP, especially when it’s of this level of quality. Putting their own spin on the metalcore sound, they focus more on the melodic side of things with some excellent hooks and riffs throughout.

The five tracks – and I’m saddened that there are only five! – showcase the band’s talents well. “Select the Ejector” probably has the overall heaviest tone, but still manages to worm its way into your brain without any problem. The second single from the EP, “Tequila Slammer” was a perfect choice as it’s catchy as all hell with some lovely guitar breaks. Check it out below.

“Ice Breakers” has an epic start before launching into a flurry of metal. Growled vocals giving way to regular ones, giving way to harsher. A hardcore-esque riff here, a traditional metal scale there. It’s a melting pot.

It seems to be a thing for bands to keep the “offbeat” track for the end of the EP. I’ve seen a lot of this recently. “Creeper Complex” continues this trend with it’s atmospheric intro and slight off-kilter beginnings of the main song. I think it’s the tuned percussion, but this song is just eerie in places!

Superficial Behaviour has been out since September and, great news, it’s a free download. Either nab it from this link or go and stream it on SoundCloud.

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